A Veteran’s Vantage Point

With a career that spanned nearly two decades, Demond Mallet built his legendary career on a foundation of talent, resilience, laser focus discipline, and hard work that became the hallmark of his game. On the court Demond was known as a consistent offensive threat, the activator who was the heart of his teams, and for his ability to be a visionary play maker.

Demond was a natural leader who maximized his teammates individuals potential and the performance of his team to achieve goals. United Scouting was launched to be a resource to organizations looking to secure the best talent at the collegiate and professional level, both domestically and internationally. He desires to be a partner to front office leaders and work to build great teams together.

Demond’s blog will include new fresh content curated weekly. You will have his expertise insight and scouting reports of different players, their game, and their overall development and potential impact at the next professional level. Blog access will include exclusive videos and workouts, player and coach interviews, and real-time updated information on players to watch.

Former teammates speak to the value Demond brings to organizations he is apart of

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