Confidence Changes Things: Jalen Wilson

Sitting out for a year in my opinion, only helped Jalen Wilson. The 6’8 guard got a chance to sit back, study and learn what it takes to be a future NBA player. The summer alone has made a world of difference. I really got a chance to see his growth , maturity, and development. He’s also gotten a lot stronger and his jump shot is even more consistent. He initially committed to Michigan but when coach Beilein left for Cleveland Cavs, he transferred to Kansas to play for Coach Self. Jalen Wilson’s physical attributes definitely translate to the NBA. Standing 6’8, 220 pounds, he can play positions 1-4 and defend 1-5. His handles are real solid and he gets to his spots very effectively. I’ve seen his confidence go from 5 to 10 in 4 months. He worked out everyday with future draft pick RJ Hampton. Not only this, but he is a high character guy with a great work ethic. He listens and wants to get better. Be on the lookout, as this year is important for him to let NBA personnel know who he is. Enclosed is a video of him dunking during a practice of the upcoming season with Kansas. Early this year, that same dunk would have been a layup.

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