The Little Giant: Facu Campazzo

With the word I received of Facu not returning to Real Madrid for another season, it’s a strong possibility that he could explore his NBA options. Even though he doesn’t have the size that most NBA teams look for, he does possess the heart, passion, and speed that most would want. Just imagine if he had the height to go along with that, he would be every teams dream PG. I like to call him a pea size Magic Johnson. The way he gets people involved would be a pleasure to play with. His ability to see the play before it happens is a gift. His ability to pass on a high level separates him from most. I look at through the perspective of if he makes spectacular passes with lanes clogged up in Europe and players denying the wings and post consistently, just imagine what he could do in the NBA where the lane is open like a major interstate. He along with Sergio Llull, who is a former draft pick of the Rockets, are the heart and soul of the Real Madrid team. I call Campazzo the little engine that could. His passing ability , experience, and toughness will translate to the NBA. Stay tuned!

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