Under the Radar: Isaiah Brown

Isaiah Brown, you probably never heard of the kid. Standing 6’8 with GoGo Gadget arms and legs as long as a giraffe, it’s no wonder why these physical attributes landed him defensive player of the year in the Missouri Valley Conference. He literally can defend the 1-4 position. I do believe if a team did bring him for an individual workout, they would be impressed. Let’s be honest, the Missouri Valley Conference is not a conference where scouts usually focus on but he is a diamond in the rough. He wasn’t given any other role at Northern Iowa but to lock down the opponents best player. In today’s game, you have to be able to shoot and I’ve seen him improve on just jump shot and his ability to create and make a play. I do believe he can actually play the 1 position. His handles are good and can definitely get a team in the offense. He runs like a gazelle on both ends of the floor and will take off and dunk on you. Can improve offensively but with the excellent work ethic he has, I see that happening. Loads of upside and natural ability. He just needs more aggressive but he is developing the trait, he can be passive offensively at times. Arguably one of the best defenders coming out of college this year. He needs an opportunity!

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